R5 STEAM Work Groups

Our Work Groups:

With expanded learning at our core, four work groups have formed to achieve our vision: Professional Development, Collaborative Partnerships (current focus: Family Engagement), Evaluation, and Communication.  

Professional Development

The Professional Development work group focuses on:

  • Building the capacity of staff to implement quality curricula,

  • Systemic supports for ongoing deeper learning,

  • Specific tools that support STEAM learning, and

  • Strong K-12 integration.


The Evaluation work group focuses on developing common metrics for Professional Learning Opportunities (PLOs) and answering questions like:

  • What is the evidence that transference of learning is happening?

  • How do we measure our collective impact?

Workforce: Staff Recruitment/Retention

The Workforce work group focuses on creating an expanded learning & teacher
pipeline with a key priority of alignment
with the 100kIN10 initiative. 

Collaborative Partnerships 

The Collaborative Partnerships work group focuses on the following:  

  • Family engagement

  • Youth engagement

  • Public/private partnerships

  • K-12 integration

  • Networking events across initiatives

  • Ecosystem events

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Region 5 Expanded Learning Partnerships

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