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The Region 5 After School Partnerships (ASP) Team of staff and consultants provides free to low cost technical assistance (TA) services that are customized to meet your programs’ and partners’ unique needs. The Region 5 ASP Team utilizes the following TA strategies:


Facilitation – Lead meetings of Grant Managers and Program Directors (6 times/year) that focus on CDE, regional and local updates; Provide opportunities to network and share resources, including best practices in the field (meetings open to all levels of staff)


Provide and Broker Resources* - Make up-to-date research, policy and relevant information available on the basis of identified need; Create a systematic or collaborative approach to managing technical assistance services that strengthens partnerships and leverages resources for programs


Training* - Teach and provide learning opportunities to build skills and knowledge based on specific, well-defined objectives; Region 5 trainings are aligned to “California Core Competencies for Before and After School Professionals,” a publication of required skills/knowledge sets required to carry out various roles in after school (from Grant Manager to Frontline).


Consultation* - Work in collaboration with a program focusing on organizational and programmatic issues or needs


Coaching* - Work in collaboration with an individual or small group to develop specific skills that improve individual work performance


Mentoring* - Provide guidance and advice through more experienced staff’s (the “mentor’s”) intentional or formal relationship with less experienced staff for the purpose of personal and professional growth.


*Adapted from ASAPconnect’s TA Framework

Download a copy of the Region 5 Brochure here.

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